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Tom Paine, 1776.

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Updated October 13 2009.

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M.E. - A Cause?

A cause, it's been announced, has been found for ME. The news seems to me to have been received with an excess of enthusiasm out of all proportion to its actual importance, and it's widely assumed a cure can't be far behind. This blog post offers a more balanced view.


I now have a new blog, from July 19 2009, dedicated entirely to making bread at home, by hand; it's easier than you might think. The emphasis is on bread-making with ME/CFS, though it applies to other disabilities, too.

Bread-making from Ron at Ron's Rants


If you are chronically sick and disabled, here are two vitally important posts from my blog:-

NICE rules - literally...


Sick and disabled? You're screwed...

Neurofibromatosis Awareness

Neurofibromatosis Assoc. (UK)


Anyone with an interest in the civil rights of benefit claimants in the UK would do well to read this , because if you are a benefit claimant, you have far fewer than you thought.

Not really this grumpy, honest!


Ron's Realm Column...

Having thought about it at length, I've decided that the way forward is to treat the entire website as a sort of constantly-evolving RR column (for newcomers, this site is derived from my now defunct magazine column of the same name), where I add pages as and when a suitable subject occurs to me. This makes sense from my perspective, as I can make sure items are posted in the blog, or written-up as full-blown articles without delay, ensuring that you, the reader, gets better "value". New stuff, and revisions of older pages, will be listed in date order on the Updates page, except Blog entries which, as they are dated anyway, don't need to be. New pages will, of course, be added to the Main Pages menu.

My email advice service, should you need it, is still available (though I know nothing about Vista other than that it sucks!).

Check this out...


Marianna has written books on friendship, loneliness and social skills for adults, young people and children.
Also books to help with school phobia, panic attacks and anxiety in children, and life issues in young people.

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Few people are content to accept that blind chance plays a large part in their lives. They seek causal connections even where they do not exist. The human mind is adept at imposing order according to in-built or imagined patterns. Mystical beliefs are especially good at offering such causality the less one understands, the more one can explain.

Peter J. Carroll

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